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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 12, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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first offensive drive. but he responded as expected, and how he responded with a record setting night. kaepernick became only the third quarterback in nfl postseason history to throw for two touchdown passes and run for two more touchdowns, as well. >> young guy, very poised, bright future, excited about him. his work ethic speaks for itself. he works hard. he's there early every day and i'm just excited that he got his first playoff victory today. >> he's making it happen, with his feet, his arms, just out there making plays, you know? he's a play maker. >> he's a true warrior. he works hard in practice. so he deserves everything that comes his way. >> he does a great job of responding. he's done it every time there's been an interception that he's thrown or a turnover, he's responded with a scoring drive. >> any time your teammates have confidence in you and they feel good about what you're doing, it
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makes you feel like you're doing the right thing. >> reporter: justin smith returned to the field after missing the last two games of the regular season. smith said his arm held up well, but he will have an x-ray on sunday to make sure no further damage was done. >> we'll have more highlights later on in sports. now to the weather and the freezing cold. in san francisco, people were bundled up. the temperatures continue to fall. here's a live look over san jose tonight. if you thought it was cold this morning, it is about to get colder. let's bring in rob mayeda. >> it's already down to 29 degrees in fairfield, so 7 to 8 hours below freezing. 35 in livermore, 37 in san jose. and all locations, bay area wide
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running a few degrees cooler than this time last night. we had a few extra clouds last night around 9:00. we have a frost advisory for the inner bay. freeze warnings from san jose southward to morgan hill through the tri-valley and north bay, upper 20s to mid thirds tomorrow morning. this was this morning we saw low 30s. but tomorrow morning, coldest places in the north bay out towards the delta and east bay, talki inin ining mid 20s to sta your sunday. diane? >> thanks, rob. police are under pressure to track down four killers after four people were shot to death in the span of a few hours yesterday afternoon in oakland. the shootings happened from west to east oakland, and all took place within a time span of about six hours. this is the scene from the most
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recent shooting that happened around 8:15 last night. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they believe all four homicides are gang related and have not made any arrests at this point. we have new information on the beating death of a 14-year-old boy in san jose last spring. police have made another arrest in the case. 31-year-old joe chaverio was taken into custody. police say he was the last suspect wanted in the death of harry reyes, who was attacked by several team in san jose's roosevelt park last april. hundreds gathered to remember the people who were killed in that city in 2012. 68 people consider killed in san francisco and today, 68 held crosses in their honor. that represented much more than one life. >> for me, that's very powerful.
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i spent 23 1/2 years incarcerated because i took a person's life, and to hold this cross in honor of someone's life that was taken, for me is very powerful. >> the event started with a walk that included stops at several churches and ended with a memorial service at noon. thousands headed to the cow palace today to buy guns and ammunition. organizers say concerns over new gun laws is behind what they claim is their most successful gun show in the bay area ever. monty francis joins us with more. >> reporter: many of the people who came to the gun show say they are fearful that the president will take away their second amendment rights. president obama, of course, denies that. but there is a reason that fear appears to be so prevalent. they came to the cow palace by
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the thousands. some even lining up hours before the doors opened. >> i got here at 4:00 a.m., was second in line. >> reporter: organizers said today's attendance was triple the turnout from last year. the gun show's owner attributes that to expectations gun laws will become more restrictive following the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >> the politicians are attempting to piggyback on this tragedy to further impede the rights of the american people. >> things are just flying off the shelves. people are so concerned they're not going to be able to buy arms and ammunition to go hunting with or defend themselves. >> reporter: many who attended told us they fear president obama wants to take away their guns, echoing a statement from wayne laperriere.
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>> it's all part of a massive obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the second amendment. >> reporter: but at least one said he supports some new restrictions on gun sales. >> i think they're going to have more background checks, which is awesome. people with mental disabilities, they should be looking at that. >> reporter: california already has an assault weapons ban on the books. and while many states have what's called a gun show loophole, that's not the case in california. here, there's a ten-day waiting period. but there are no such restrictions on ammunition, and some people loaded up on so much ammo, they had to wheel it out to their cars. >> i have a family i have to protect. i'm alone. i'm quite old. so i need to protect myself also. >> reporter: we did not see any
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protesters out here. the gun show continuing tomorrow andrganizers say they could sell out of ammunition. monty francis, nbc bay area news. hundreds of people gathered today to remember 19-year-old alyssa burns. she died in tahoe over new year's. she was found dead after she reportedly tried to walk three miles to her hotel in freezing weather after a party. friends pledged that as part of her memory, they would use the buddy system and stick together. her dad is grateful that lesson is being learned. >> we've had way too much tragedy here already. so let's get the kids out and learn something and be positive. instead of having memorials like this for one of our children that we lose, let's talk about it before it happens and get that information out so that parents need to talk to their kids, kids need to talk to friends, parents, whatever. >> friends and family wore pink
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to the memorial, her favorite color. they're planning a benefit concert in february. it's been declared an epidemic. health officials say if you haven't gotten a flu shot yet, do it now. and the wait is over for sharks fans. the nhl walkout officially ended this evening and the schedule is out, coming up in sports. silicon valley and hollywood. how the relationship inspires new technology. we go one on one with the chief technology officer at dreamworks. oh!
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share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. the flu is spreading across
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most of the country. new york is reporting five times as many cases this year as last. and officials declared a public health emergency today. many people who haven't received the flu shot are scrambling to get the vaccine. kimberly terry has more for us. >> reporter: with the demand for that vaccine so high, many pharmacies across the bay area are telling us that the supply is either very low or they're completely out. clearly, there's nothing fun about the flu. but now it's officially an epidemic. >> i expect in most parts of the country, we'll continue to see inf influenza. >> reporter: there are been 20 related flu deaths nationwide. >> it helps the community and helps prevent the spread to adults with the vaccinations.
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>> reporter: free flu shots are being provided to children in the bay area. anyone between 4 and 18 can visit a target pharmacy for the vaccine. >> we wanted it to be easy, accessible and free. >> reporter: while a spokesperson says nar pharmacies have plenty of flew vaccine to go around, that's not the case elsewhere. representatives from kaiser and many pharmacies say a recent spike in demand has caused sportages. doctors stay it takes two weeks for the vaccine to kick in and suggest you call your doctor or clinic ahead of time to make sure they have the vaccine in stock. >> good advice. thank you, kimberly. crews have begun testing an art instalation on the bay bridge. check this out.
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this is part of the bridge's 75th anniversary celebration. the unofficial unveiling will be march 5. the golden globes are full of films laced with special effects. it's the place creating the way we'll watch movies in the future. our business and tech reporter scott budman met up with the chief technology officer at dreamworks and brings you an interview you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: with a huge emphasis on content and distribution this year, sit a pleasure to have lincoln with us. lincoln is the chief technology officer at dreamworks. with all of this mobile technology being spread around as a movie company, is this a good thing or make you nervous?
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>> it's a great thing. consumers today want what they want where they want it when they want it. it's an old phrase now, but it's true. and i think the power of mobile devices, the fact that consumers like to constum content in different places at different times, making movies available everywhere is important. >> reporter: at a convention like this, are you seeking out youtube and hulu and all these partners to take your content? >> not specifically at this show, but we're looking at the devices, the capabilities and identifying the services or channels that might take our content. but in addition, we're sort of -- we have our own initiatives. it's simplifying the experience of finding and watching content on all of these different devices, because right now, it is quite fragmented.
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we're still in a transition from physical to digital. and the faster we can get consumers across that divide and into a seamless experience, regardless of which service they signed up for, whether it's their cable operator or netflix or something else, they will find their content, get it on the screen as simply as possible. >> while i have you, and last question before we go, there's been such a relationship, and it gets stronger and stronger between hollywood and silicon technology. is that going to continue? >> digital media has always driven technology. you wouldn't have graphics cards, your cell phones would be boring if it weren't for cg media, whether games or movies or kodak. that's what consumers consume on these devices.
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so the relationship between silicone software services, as well as the technology is to make the movies in the first place. it means that there's a continual aspiration that needs to be met by sometimes invemtsing new technology to get it done. >> reporter: excellent. lincoln, thank you for stopping by. enjoy the rest of the show. >> my pleasure. speaking of the golden globes, they're tomorrow right here on nbc bay area. you can experience a show in a whole new way. download the zeebox app. time now for an update with the weather. it's isn't pretty when it's cold out in. >> it is pretty, cold. temperatures there in the low 40s. around the rest of the bay area, 30s. 29 in fairfield right now.
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37 in san jose. all locations running cooler than at the same point last night, so off to a running start with the chilly temperatures. light winds, clear skies. we have temperatures tomorrow morning that will be a spread of twenlts to mid 30s in the warmest spots. freeze warnings up through 8:00. and cool winter sunshine and it will reset. again, this time tomorrow night, monday morning another freezing start. the culprit is a jet stream that's dropped practically down into baja, california. that's opened the door to high pressure to the west, cold air spilling into southern california, making for dry and clear conditions and chilly temperatures. but during the day, no clouds. one of the reasons we're so cold tonight is we've lost all the low clouds that helped to keep the temperatures up. nothing showing up, no rain or any clouds.
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as high pressure starts to build back over the bay area, tuesday and wednesday we'll start to see these numbers creep up next week. but for the meantime, mid 20s towards sonoma and napa counties. i think fairfield may dip into the lower 20s before sun rise. near 30 in san jose. upper 30s and san francisco. close to 50 in san jose, low 50s around pleasanton with winter sunshine. and north bay, numbers in the low 50s, close to 50 in san francisco. so freezing temperatures next couple of mornings, should continue into monday. you'll notice a slight warmup wednesday, thursday and friday. overnight temperatures out of the freezing area and we'll see upper 50s, maybe even close to 60 by thursday. no raindrops across the board.
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typically this is the wettest time of year. nowhere to be found. thank you, rob. sports is next, including highlights from candle stick. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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good evening. if you hear your neighbors still partying it up and they're football reasons, there is good reason. the 49ers began their quest for
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a sixth lombardi trophy. things started off rough but ended nicely. it's a rematch of week one from theñi regular season. colin kaepernick, first possession, the pick six. it's going to be 7-0, green bay. the 49ers get it back. kaepernick redeeming himself. he'll run it in from 20 yards out. 7-7, game is tied. later in the second, this is to crabtree for the second time on the evening. 21-14, 49ers. second half, kaepernick, 56 yards untouched. a quarterback playoff record of 183 rushing yards. antho the 49ers win, going to their second straight nfc championship game. on the afc side, ravens and broncos.
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ravens down seven, joe flacco has jones who pulls it down and the touchdown turns the game into a 35-35 tie. so we go to overtime. second and 6, manning rolling right. cory graham gets his second interception of the afternoon. and the ravens have good field position. that leads to this. justin tucker from 47 out. hits the field goal and the ravens win 38-35. ray lewis gets to play another day. the nhl schedule finally came out just hours ago. san jose and the sharks open up in canada january 20 against the flames. their home opener is against phoenix four days later. and in the 48-game sprint ends on saturday, april 27. the 49ers will not old any media sessions tomorrow. so come out to sharks ice if you're looking for something to
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do. that's at 1:30 on the north rink in san jose. diane, are you working? can we see you out there? >> i can speak over there before i start work. i'll see you there. we'll be right back. as a mom, you spend a lot of time helping others. hamburger helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart.
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>> the first and only vice presidential debate of 2012. [ applause ] thank you. thank you. i'm martha raddatz of abc news. and i'm honored to be here moderating tonight's debate. we have a wonderful audience, and it should be a lively evening. right now, we welcome vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan.
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[ applause ] welcome, gentlemen. before we begin, a reminder, your performance is extremely unlikely to affect the outcome of the election so just have fun with it. congressman ryan, we begin with your opening statement. >> first of all, i want to thank the college. >> here we go. >> four years ago president obama made a promise that he would bring down unemployment below 6%. >> oh, this guy. >> he said by the end of his first term he would cut the deficit in half. yet he still has not put a single credible plan on the table on how to deal with the debt crisis. >> i'm sorry, martha. martha, with all due respect, thiss


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